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Orchid Bay

The Architectural strategy at Orchid Bay is for every structure in the community to enhance the public realm. The Orchid Bay Architectural Guidelines are designed to advocate a unified streetscape of civic and commercial buildings, private houses and condominiums, and ancillary and landscape structures.

Homeowners at Orchid Bay can choose from several professionally designed houses which can be modified to individual needs or explore the possibilities for architecture in the Caribbean with a custom design. Embracing Belize’s rural, tradition, classical and exotic heritage the art of building at Orchid Bay can best fulfill the community’s collective aims and aspirations for a civilized future in this tropical paradise.

Carmelita Gardens, Belize

Inspired by the increasing demand for energy independence, food security and community stability, Carmelita Gardens is a master planned, oof-the-grid gardening community. Located on the Historic Belize River, Carmelita Gardens is designed as a classical smaal town with neighborhoods, parks, a village square, community buildings, orchards, groves and gardens.


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