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Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is the leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the practice & appreciation of the Classical Tradition in Architecture and the allied Arts.


In 1976, when it became evident to Mr. Holm that American Architecture was seriously off course, he undertook a study of traditional architecture to find out what it was that made all old buildings "across the board" so much more pleasing than ninety percent of all the new structures being built. He discovered the Classical Tradition, and with the encouragement of Henry Hope Reed, who had founded an organization called Classical America in 1958, Mr. Holm became a devotee of Classicism and soon joined the Board. The organization based in NEW York, was created “to nourish the Classical Spirit in the Arts of our Nation”.


In 1979 the first Chapter of Classical America outside of New York was established in Philadelphia with John Blatteau as President and Alvin Holm as Vice President. Then from 1980 Mr. Holm served as President until Barbara Eberlein took over in 2008. Earlier in 2002 Classical America formally merged with The Institute of Classical Architecture, now known as the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) preserving all programs of both organizations and greatly expanding the outreach and effectiveness of each.


As an indication of its success the organization has recently grown to fourteen more chapters around the country.


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