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Overbrook Farms,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Restoration, adaptive renovation, additions and landscaping of a historic mansion (1894) for the International Institute for Culture (IIC).


Saint John the Evangelist Chapel, Milwaukee,

"The Chapel, in its architecture and liturgy, expresses that living continuity with the past, which the Church understands as tradition. This is not a historical deposit of dead forms and practices but rather the living experience of a community of faith growing organically from one generation to another under the creative power of the Holy Spirit. The better this tradition is known and understood the easier it is to respond to its rhythms and draw upon its resources to answer the needs of our own day."


Pastor Robert Woodbury - Client 

Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York City 

Twenty-two new galleries for the 19th Century European Collection of Painting and Sculpture, designed in the Classical Manner of McKim Mead and White as seen in earlier parts of the original building. Design and technical consultance to the Metropolitan in collaboration with Roche Dinkeloo and Associates, 1991-1993

Institutional Design

The Transit Plaza fountain, Kansas City, Missouri

A civic fountain for the Kemper Foundation. Design in collaboration with Theis Doolittle Associates.

Washington Crossing, PA


Visitors Center and Museum Washington Crossing State Park


The famous painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware, December 25, 1776, is housed within the original auditorium around which our new museum and office additions are built. The strong simple forms of the flanking pavilions reflect the vernacular masonry buildings of the area, and at the same time present a powerful formal symmetry appropriate to the dignity of the shrine. Visitors are embraced by the broad welcoming central porch, and prepared then for entry to the great hall where the magnificent Leutze Painting (12’-5” by 21’-3”), a beloved icon of American Liberty is enshrined.

Our work was completed in 1976, just 200 years after the Crossing.

The Picnic Grove at The Philadelphia Zoo, PA

Landscape design and architecture including main plaza and belvedere at entry.

Kansas City Central Library, Missouri

Shortly after completing the Civic Fountain nearby I was asked to lend a hand in converting the century old First National Bank into the Central Branch of the K.C. Public Library. Everyone loved the original architecture, “a masterpiece of craftsmanship in marble and bronze,” and my major role was to design the conversion of the main banking floor to reception, reading areas, exhibits and stacks while retaining or modifying as much of the wonderful historic original as possible. My work included the design of cabinets, shelving and other furniture as well, all to present a seamless continuity with the past. 

Mater Ecclesiae Chapel, NJ

New facade and narthex for the Tridentine Roman Catholic Church in Berlin, New Jersey (2005)


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