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Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia

Design for an Amphitheater at the Eakins Oval on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This project was design as a memorial to Grace Kelly.


A series of four small plazas was designed as an ensemble for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, providing rest and recreation on a more personal scale than it is presently available. Each of the plazas is intended to celebrate one of the four seasons.

Unbuilt Projects

Gladwyne, Pennsylvania – 2009

An addition to the Gladwyne Presbyterian Church

Organic Community 

One of my most fascinating projects was literally “a dream scheme,” begun in 2003 and carried to Schematics for a specific site in Loudoun County, Virginia. My client, five years earlier had experienced a clear, profound, and inspirational dream of a home for herself adjacent to a social center in a small community of semi-underground houses “built on the Principles of Sacred Geometry, and embodying the best of bio-dynamic practice.

The dream was first describes to me with wonder and spontaneity then transcribed in a letter as shown in the picture.

We worked together happily for several years producing increasingly substantial plans until, my client grew ill, and was unable to complete the realization of that beautiful dream.


The Pennsylvania Inn

A proposal for an Inn at the University of Pennsylvania campus.

The San Antonio Galleria

The following description is taken from the Owner's instructrions to the Architect:


"The owner of the Project wishes to complement San Antonio's classical tradition with a "landmark development" in the French Traditional style. It is to appeal to Northern SAn Antonio's upper middle class by being traditional in form yet contemporary in function, prestigious but still inviting, festive yet distinguished, and majestic but eloquent."

Barry Leonard Telecut Salon
Philadelphia, 1988

This project was a prototype modular design for an international hair salon franchise. A patron entering a salon in Philadelphia, for instance, could visualize herself in a variety of styles and colors, on a video screen before taking a seat in the circular cutting roomwhere the stylist would perform the magic. The happy customer would be videotaped 360` before and after the styling, so that in some other city in the world, where the franchise existed, she could receive the same servicefor the same effect, or modified as desired. The modular system, as shown here, was designed so that the interior architecture and the specialized equiptment could support the unified experience wherever it was found.

Renovation of Cafette

A small charming restaurant in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia. 

Chicago, Illinois

Extensive renovations to a residence on Chicago's North Lake Shore Drive.


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