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Residential Design


A new private residence outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the English Palladian manner modeled after the Villa Rotonda in Vicenza of 1566


New York

The project started with a graceful early 20th century house possessing lovely proportions and details. When it was discovered that much structural work was needed to rectify the damage cause by shifting and sinking, the client expanded the project scope significantly to include major demolition (40%), rebuilding of re-designed areas and new additions that would welcome more demanding and more frequent use by the large family.

Mont Clare,

An octagonal house modeled after Jefferson’s second home, Poplar Forest. The owners wanted the kitchen to be the large octagonal, 2-1/2 story room at the center.

Ann Arbor
Campus Realty

New apartments in the Georgian Style for graduate students in collaboration with J. Bradley Moore of Ann Arbor; Campus realty, client.

New Jersey 

The H.C. Frick II Residence, a new home in the English Palladian Manner


Renovations to a Main Line residence including new façade in the Palladian Manner. Also landscape design in collaboration with Gale Nurseries. 


Penn Valley,

A dominant central adidtion to the Ira and Cynthia Schwartz residence in suburban Philadelphia.  This project also involved extensive internal renovations. 



Additions and revisions to a French classical house and gardens.


The Architect's Residence

On a lovely little residential street one block long, lined with cherry trees we found this modestly priced rowhouse from the mid-nineteenth century. We quickly purchased it and set about to restore the beautiful cornices and ornamental plaster work, most of which remained intact. We rebuilt the kitchen entirely using salvaged cabinetry from a mansion demolished nearby and added a breakfast-room extension with French doors onto a small pretty garden in the rear. We also constructed a paneled library on the second floor rear, again with French doors onto a tiny balcony overlooking the garden, and again with largely salvaged woodwork.




Victorian townhouse renovations, additions and interior design


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